The 7 Method

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Album: Roses Like Razorblades (2007)

Song: Still Running

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Formed in 1999, The 7 Method has shared the stage with national acts Soil, Pillar, CYNder, 311, Alien Ant Farm, Disciple, Project 86, East West, Extol, Staple and others. In 2002 consistent live shows and impressive independent sales began drawing the interest of record labels. T7M agreed to terms with Steelroots Records, but the label folded shortly before the deal was finalized. Unfazed, the band pressed on to release their latest effort, I'LL CHANGE TOMORROW in 2003. Through internet distribution and sales at live shows, T7M has independently moved well over 2,000 copies of their CD's including sales throughout Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, Israel, and the U.S

And now, after intensive hardwork and tireless dedication...THE 7 METHOD will debut nationally, releasing their new album ROSES LIKE RAZORBLADES on October 18, 2005 through MD RECORDS

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